A. Users of WowQuizzes must ensure that they have read and understood the terms and conditions regarding the use of the WowQuizzes tools and their privacy policies listed below.

B. When you want to join the WowQuizzes system, users are required to sign in with their Facebook account, basic information will be allowed to access to WowQuizzes operating tools.

C. Users are committed to using WowQuizzes tools for non-political, religious or legal purposes in the Internet. In the event of a violation, WowQuizzes reserves the right to delete users immediately without notice.

D. Do not use the WowQuizzes tool for the purpose of sabotage, manipulation, defamation, misrepresentation to partners or other competitors on the fanpage system.
Do not be offensive to other members of WowQuizzes.
Do not sabotage, damage, or otherwise interfere with the WowQuizzes website, reputation or facilities.
Do not abuse the hacking, intrusion, illegal use of the system under any enemy.
Do not steal data, information, account, password of other members.

E. Provide accurate personal information to WowQuizzes makes WowQuizzes a good user experience.


A. Personal Information

When you register to participate in WowQuizzes you must use your Facebook account, the tools of WowQuizzes associated with the use of facebook. Therefore, you must agree to provide WowQuizzes the basic information and allow access to the user's data. The access behavior will be publicly available to the users, avoiding controversy.

B. Cookies

When you visit the WowQuizzes website, we will send a file called cookies to your browser on your computer or handheld device. We use cookies to improve the quality of our services, including the storage of login-related information, the usability of the web interface, the predictions of fanpage activity and the behavior of the site.

C. Access Information

When you visit WowQuizzes website, through our browser and application, our server will automatically record certain information. These logs include information about web exchange data, how you use the service, type of browser, language, date and time of access, WowQuizzes applications, categories and articles you are interested in.

D. Information Exchange

When you send an email or request (if any) to WowQuizzes, we may save your information for the purpose of processing your responses to the WowQuizzes tool and promoting quality of service. We may use your email to make contact information about the service.